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Friday 07/02/2021: I’m almost back

Hello everyone,

My last post was June 6th and wish I could say it was a vacation on some mountain top enjoying the cooler temperatures.

June 13th saw me preparing for my daughter high school graduation party. I smoked four pork butts as my wife prepared a couple sides for Saturday. We enjoyed great fun that weekend and my normally introvert daughter met with friends and family. It was one of those proud dad moments where I can brag on my favorite daughter all day. Still have left overs.

However while preparing for the party, a discomfort started in my upper left quadrant of my stomach. It felt like a movement stuck and didn’t think much of it. Saturday night, my wife noticed a small rash across my left side. We acknowledged it as a heat rash and went to sleep. The next day, the rash grew in size and intensity.

The doctor confirmed shingles on Thursday morning. It was that afternoon the discomfort turned into pain. I had surgery twenty years ago. Coming home felt sore from the sutured wound in my belly with swelling at the stiches. The pain was intense but dissipated in a couple days. The pain from shingles equaled the surgery with no relieve for three week now. Today is the first day I can sit without doubling pain in order to write anything.

Remember boys and girls, if the doctor suggests the vaccine for shingles, consider it because the alternative is not fun.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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