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Danny Mac


I am an author who likes writing about inspirational characters. Whether a Christian romance or Christian fantasy the people come to me in dreams facing tragedy, problems, and challenges. What makes a Christian book? The protagonist faces a difficulty and uses their God-given talent to defeat it. They work, fight, and endure the trial before them and not just overcome the predicament, but flourish afterwards. I wake from the dream admiring the character after living their circumstance in the dream.

I started writing about twenty years ago partially to improve my writing skills, but mostly to bring the characters to life on paper. As I learned to express and illustrate the characters with their personality, my stories went from 500 words with just the facts to 1000 words bringing color of emotion with the depth of the character. It is my goal to inspire others by the stories expressed in my writing. I want to show whether the hero was facing a light hearted mistake or life threatening experience, the individuals of my stories succeed in life.

Whether stories are meant to bring laughter, sorrow, or surprise, they should inspire the reader to believe there is an end to their current adverse situation and they will survive to make a better life. This state of success is fleeting because life happens and there are always new dilemmas facing them. You know what, the previous tribulations only strengthen you for the next set of difficulties. Hopefully my stories can help people get through life with joy, love, and peace in their heart.

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Dannie, Rod, and their old mentor—whom they called affectionately call “Dad"—traverse more than half a year battling the devil’s minions only to face the ultimate fight with an ancient creature not seen in over a thousand years. An immortal dragon so fierce that the mere mention of its name terrified those who encountered it. Will God provide his three chosen fighters with enough power to take down a monster controlled by the devil himself or will this battle prove to be too much?

Stories of dragons have inherited the Earth since the earliest human writings. Every region of the world carries myths and folklore of scaled beasts tormenting its populations, and even the Holy Bible speaks of a red dragon with seven crowned heads. Learned people of science denied the existence of dragons because they found no physical evidence for them in our world. However, after observing that no dragons left any remnants behind, they never considered the possibility that perhaps the beast was not of this world. Their physical presence was an illusion of reality to strike fear into the hearts of God’s people.
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The Nonentity

August 1, 2020


The Nonentity took the longest to write or should I say know to write. My stories comes from my dreams and the first dream happened nearly forty years ago. The years brought new flying stories some seemed related and some seemed distant. Then one night about five years ago, I had a dream that tied all the flying dreams together and wrote the book.

The stories from my dreams were the most fascinating and fantastic dreams of all my dreams. It started in my dad’s front yard and though I moved around the country, the dreams shifted around the country to locations I had never lived. They involved situations never seen by me until later in life. These stories kept me awake the longest as I digested them to remember later. Where my first book touched a lot of emotion, this book captivated my thoughts and gave hope to future times.

Most of my stories, names come to me or I have an idea for a name. These dreams were distinctly without name of the hero and I wrote the book to match the dream. The protagonist has no name to hide his identity as a champion over evil. I found it difficult to write so I invented the name E111517 to give to the man and carry his concealment throughout the book. There are no dates or times to also guard The Nonentity.

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The Genuine Daughter

October 31, 2020


The Genuine Daughter is the most touching of my books. Maybe it was the way Dannie was raised in such desperate conditions or maybe I sympathize with her more because I have a daughter. It could be both these perspectives. Either way, Dannie was able to climb out of poverty and succeed in life because her mother wanted life to change for her.

Again, waking up from these dreams was often heart breaking to see someone having to grow with the fear and angst that she endured. When it came to the dreams where she triumph over these condition my heart sang for her success. Then she learned about her powers and grew more confidence, it became a joy to wake up to those dreams. Seeing the creatures she had to fight and I woke up thankful she was fighting them and not me.

Dannie is an example of positive influences effecting predominately in her life. Then she takes the positivity and shares it with others through her restaurant and supernatural abilities. She is a caring hero that goes beyond expectations to help others and save the world from demonic possession. It is fascinating to dream of her successes and I hope you are equally fascinated by the telling of her life. 

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The Fighting Son

January 27, 2021

Flying People Series (3)

The Fighting Son is the third in my flying people series. Rod possesses the most admirable characteristics. He has the most determined personality. All chores completed with an eye for details. However, his skills to pinpoint minor discrepancies makes him vital to any organization. Rod sees himself as not being very smart, partly due to being married to highly intelligent wife. The other part because he never put much time into studies and academia. What he doesn’t have in formal education, he makes up for in diligence and determination. 

Of all the flying people from my stories, Rod embraced his special ability faster than the others. Where his adopted Dad was careful with his skills, Rod immediately started using them to help other people around him. He could see the supernatural powers were from God and God wanted him to help others with it. He actively sought people to help using his God-given powers.

Rod’s supernatural powers are unique to him and the unearthly challenges he faces are equally distinctive. In many ways, his opponents from other dimensions are more evil and deceptive than Dad or Dannie’s monsters. Yet despite the fear in his mind, his heart remains true to God and he fights them with confidence and valor. He instinctively knows how to fight the creatures by trusting God for solutions.

The Six Loves of Jack Brown

July 10, 2020 On Sale for $0.99

This is my first book. In some ways, this is my favorite so far. There is a strong connection with the protagonist in the book and the six women voicing their story. This book comes from a years’ worth of dreams tied together by the blue eyes of Jack. I could feel the love from the women and what he meant to them. I also felt the disappointment, confusion, and anger in their telling of his life. I came to admire Jack as they told me their stories in my dreams.

I started writing this book in 2005 and the first write had about 25,000 words. It was just the facts of the events. As I worked on it over the next years, I added a lot of emotion and feelings from the women. It finished with over 45,000 words by adding color and depth to the characters.

Writing a story in the voice of six women and me being an old man, I worried about capturing their voice. So after, completing the story I wrote the preface of the newspaper man so it would explain any conflicts with the women’s view. However, after publishing, a friend mentioned the book put her into the heads of the six women. I hope you enjoy reading it as much I did writing about Jack and his six loves.

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