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Danny Mac - Author


I like writing about inspirational characters. These people come to me in dreams facing tragedy, problems, and challenges. The protagonist face the difficulty and defeat it. They work, fight, and endure the trial before them and not just overcome the predicament, but flourish afterwards. I wake from the dream admiring the character after living their circumstance in the dream.

I started writing about twenty years ago partially to improve my writing skills, but mostly to bring the characters to life on paper. As I learned to express and illustrate the characters with their personality, my stories went from 500 words with just the facts to 1000 words bringing color of emotion with the depth of the character. It is my goal to inspire others by the stories expressed in my writing. I want to show whether the hero was facing a light hearted mistake or life threatening experience, the individuals of my stories succeed in life.

Whether stories are meant to bring laughter, sorrow, or surprise, they should inspire the reader to believe there is an end to their current adverse situation and they will survive to make a better life. This state of success is fleeting because life happens and there are always new dilemmas facing them. You know what, the previous tribulations only strengthen you for the next set of difficulties. Hopefully my stories can help people get through life with joy, love, and peace in their heart.


The Nonentity

August 1, 2020


Heroes come in all sizes and personalities. They generally like the attention that comes with being a hero when news outlets publish their superhuman deeds. If no one records the courageous achievements of valiant people, are they still a hero? There is one man who lives his life as a salesman for industrial goods and fights evil while concealing his everyday life. Although his plans for life included being a husband, father, and salesperson, he discovers another life as a hero saving the planet from alien invasion. He prefers his life as an ordinary man but knows the world is full of dangers that only he can redress. With the help of some friends in high places, he is able to divulge his veiled story of extraordinary accomplishments and leave no trace as to his identity. His identity remains as invisible as his flying so he can live in peace.


The Genuine Daughter

October 31, 2020


Coming from the humblest of the poor neighborhoods, Dannie's hard work & determination as a chef led to her owning a restaurant by twenty-five. She's hitting her stride as she balances work and family when three supernatural events within a couple weeks making her question her normal life. Skeptical of the mystical powers, she turns to the father figure in her life for guidance and help to unlock otherworldly powers. She learns she has the power to help people around her in this world but only if she's able to simultaneously fight bizarre creatures from a different world, and win.


The Fighting Son

Flying People Series (3)

Having retired from the Special Forces to work retail security, Rod is certain of his past and confident in the future. That is, until the day he steps into his familiar cozy kitchen only to realize it's not so cozy after all.

Rod is sent plummeting into another dimension and he's right back in action. But with the support of his high school sweetheart, surely he can take on anything.

Beginning an extraordinary adventure, Rod retrieves the Sword of Justice from the Underworld – a sword that grants the bearer great power and abilities. But with the abilities come a great responsibility – that of protecting Earth and all life upon it.

Now, Rod stands between the universe and total destruction. Can he secure his own fate—and that of everyone else while under such immense pressure? Or will he lose himself, his family, and the world in the process?



The Six Loves of Jack Brown

July 10, 2020

Each chapter exposes the individual emotional experience of loving Jack in their own way. Although the six women shared part of his life, none acquired Jack’s heart as his wife, Sarah, captured it. While illuminating his life, each of Jack’s loves exposes her private life for the world to see. Their loving anecdotes about Jack convinced me to write a book exposing Jack’s struggle with life.


About Me

Storyteller of Dreams


Graduating high school in 1977, I began a career in restaurants and soon blossomed into management positions. Returning to college at age thirty, I received a BSBA in business administration and then managed the family business. I met my wife in July of 1993 and we married in March of 1994 with one child. While I remain active in the church and community, a good dad joke (bad pun) is always acceptable. All my stories originate from my nightly dreams, which are vivid and detailed with a plot. Upon my sharing several stories with friends, they suggested publishing them so the world might enjoy reading them. Now am I a writer, author, and book seller.



Medina, Ohio

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Danny Mac

My Humbling Day

Stave attended this Church just over ten years. I saw him come to Christ and grow in the Spirit of God. He always possessed the Bible or a commentary in his hand. Stave asked a lot questions during Sunday school to the point of being disruptive. His upbringing made him an angry man who does not want to be angry anymore. The struggle with those demons in his life haunts him to this day. Stave declined to become leadership in this Church because of his background.

My lesson in humility began 9 weeks ago. The service just started when a man entered the door of the sanctuary. The badly dressed wore women’s clothes. It was clear to see he did not cross-dressed by the way he wore the clothes. I saw better in college as a joke in a skit. Everything stopped upon this man hobbled through the sanctuary doors. After the awkward pause, I successfully returned to leading the congregation. After the Morning Prayer and before the sermon, the man rose and lumbered out of the sanctuary with his ankles bending in the high-heeled shoes.

Stave followed him out and I motioned to Cal an Elder in the church to follow Stave. Stave caught up to this man just outside the church doors and asked, “Was it your intension to shock and awe this Church or is there something more you are after?” Cal reported the man shrugged his shoulders and continued to his car. Stave hollered to him, “If it was something more you seek, you need to give it more of a chance.” Stave returned to his seat to hear the sermon.

After the service and the congregation meandered out, a well-dressed suited man entered the church. Stave recognized him as the cross dresser who interrupted us the hour before. “So, there is something more you want?” Stave started with this man.

“My name is Charles but my friends call me Chuck.”

Stave and Chuck spoke while I greeted my flock as they departed for the week. I heard Stave tell Chuck he was just another member at the Church and he would grab someone with more knowledge. Cal and Stave brought Chuck into my office.

Another ten minutes passed before I joined them in my office. Cal mentioned he needed to be some place and excused himself. I wondered to myself, “Why am I here since Stave and Chuck are well into a conversation.”

Chuck admitted his unhappiness, “My life has seemed empty the past year or so. I am looking for something and in desperation, tried churches” Out of five different churches, you are the first to show any willingness to help and invite me back.”

For someone who declined to become an elder because he did not know enough, he answered Chuck’s dilemma with confidence in his blue collar way. “God can change you, he did me. You see I am angry man who took my angst out on anyone who dared to cross me.”

When Chuck questioned his anger, Stave informed him, “Ten years ago I would have beaten the crap out of you for disturbing the service way you did today.”

Chuck objected, “I have a black belt in karate.”

“Unharnessed rage beats black belts almost every time.”

Stave wasn’t bragging about his about his past indiscretions. He clearly explained the damage he caused to his family, friends, and himself. There was real pain in the words he chose and sorrow in his heart. As they discussed Chuck’s problems, I felt like a fly on the wall listening into a private conversation. Chuck eventually admitted to being a homosexual.

Stave asked, “How does that make it worse than me? God saved me, he will save you, and we all need saving from one thing or another. Everyone has a cross to bear, mine is anger yours is homosexuality.”

Chuck responded cautiously, “Since I was young all I heard is how awful homosexuality is from the Church.”

Stave with a woeful expression asked, “Is it worse than killing another man in anger?”

Stave continued without a response, “Ten years ago there were three gang bangers harassing my street. One day with bats, they pummeled anyone on the street. In a fit of rage, I seized the bat off one and cracked his skull with one mighty blow. Then I chased the other two off our block. Returning to the one I fell, he quivered on the ground in convulsions. Before the paramedics could arrive, he stopped breathing. The police defined it as self-defense, but I knew the rage in my heart. I still see the results of my madness as it plays itself out in my dreams.”

After breath-taking moment Stave added, “I will warn you on one thing, if you give your heart to God, be prepared to choose between your sins and God. If you think the guilt trip man lays on you is bad, wait until the love of God floods your being.”

Chuck entered the sanctuary the next Sunday dressed in a professional suit and met me after service. Chuck met with Stave and me many times over the next four weeks. At fourth meeting Chuck pronounced, “I was looking for this great conversion, aha moment. Instead, I realized what it means to be a child of God. It didn’t come with great fanfare but a quiet and soft realization God loves me.”

Later that day, problems surfaced with Chuck attending our church while being a homosexual. I called the one party involved and tried to explain the situation to them. I thought that would settle it, but I thought wrong.

It all boiled over this past week and an impromptu meeting erupted today regarding this heresy. I invited Stave, a member in good standing with the Church and friend to Chuck. There were several complaints lodged about having a homosexual in the church every week. The complaints ranged from not having the expertise in dealing with homosexuality to the affect on the children. After two hours of heated discussion about what to do about the “gay” in the church, I started to agree with position.

Stave remained eerily quiet the whole time until someone made a motion to ask Chuck to find a different Church. “Are there any objections?” I queried.

Stave spoke out in a low soft voice as if trying to hold his emotion, “John 5, about two months ago we listened to a sermon on John 5. The pastor presented a miracle of a paralyzed man giving the ability to walk and the people wrapped up in their own rules couldn’t see it. The story talked a man hurting and Jesus healed him from his affliction. Instead of everyone amazed by the miracle, they became angered because Jesus saved the man out of order and it was on the Sabbath.”

Everyone’s head nodded as he continued, “2000 years later, Jesus saves a homosexual atheist and this church cannot see the miracle because they have rules against gays in their Church. I suppose you could tell your children the miracle that took place right before them but instead you have chosen to point out the homosexual among you. Between God’s miraculous healing and sinner amongst sinners, you chose to point out the sinner and ignore God’s miracle. What effect does of not seeing God’s miracle have on your children?”

Heads stop moving and stare at Stave, “You could ask Chuck into your house, break bread with him, and God will grant you the expertise to deal with him, but instead you chose to shun him. Chuck is that man on the mat who could not get down to the water. Jesus came into his life and saving him from his sin, just as Jesus saves all of you and me. Instead of cheering for this miracle, this church is choosing to throw a new Christian out into the cold because he doesn’t fit into your rules of church going Christian.”

I instantly remembered this sermon. I remembered on two accounts. One, I was so proud of the thoughts in it and secondly because it was the very day Chuck paraded into our lives. The elder who made the motion withdrew it. A few objections lingered but God convicted our hearts with our own sin. Several who complained about Chuck’s presence in the Church vowed to invite him over for dinner to break bread with him. The parents, who raised questions as to the effect on their children, knew what to tell them and agreed to invite him into membership of this Church.

I met with Stave after the meeting and asked why he befriended and championed Chuck. Stave explained, “Before I knew God he would beat the “fags” because it was against the Bible. I easily baited them into a fight and found it even easier to hurt them. He remarked, “The irony is I was a non-Christian claiming the Bible to violate the Bible on a person no worse than me.” Stave indicated it was a way to correct the wrong.

“Thank you for bringing me back to Gospel.” I explained, “It is humbling to hear the words I preached throwing back at me when I need it.”

Stave humbled by his own speech, “I chastised everyone in the room for not believing in miracles, when I myself do not believe in them. God saved me, He forgave me, and I was still living as a condemned man. I refused to become an Elder or Deacon because of my past sins, even though God forgave me of them. I did not believe the miracle God gave me so I turned down offers to help others. I too put my rules before God’s miracles and rejected my own redeeming grace. If the offer for me to become an Elder comes again this year, I will accept it. I do believe God and God put that believe to the test this very day. As I spouted off about disbelieve of others, and then God press those very same words on me.”

I drove home this evening trying not to sob after twice humbled by this angry sinful man. Today God humbled me by the acts of another through the words I preach.

I am sure that tomorrow I will feel free but today I feel shame for my actions and disbelief in God. I preach good words and today it took an angry sinful man to show me what those words mean. There is not a day goes by I am not professing my faith in God. Then there are days like today where God shows me how much he loves me by the people He puts in my life. God is good.