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Wife’s Birthday, No Surprise

Hello everyone,

We celebrated my wife’s birthday yesterday. Stating which birthday could prove detrimental to my health, so don’t ask. We stopped making a big deal of birthdays some years ago. However, I still create a culinary dish of her choosing. Last night, it was enchiladas. They are not enchiladas but that is what we call them. They were tasty and fill the request with leftovers for lunch today.

Reminiscing our twenty-eight birthdays together with the first before we married, I remembered several bright spots along the way. Then I took some boxes out to the recycling bin and remembered this dozy of a story from our first year of marriage. I came home from work and the trash was full. Strange, I thought since I made a trash run the day before. No problem and I pick up a bag that had a large cereal box top with another box using up the bottom ninety percent of the trash bag. “Really,” I grumbled, and this led to a lifetime of banter about crushing boxes before going into the trash. Now we do not put any boxes in the trash. I break them down and haul them to recycling once a month.

I bought my wife a bumper sticker years ago that reads, “Marriage is finding that one special person you can annoy the rest of your life.” As we approach twenty-eight years of marriage, it is truer today than it was when we first married. I expect to annoy her for many years to come.

Did I mention, my dog is a Karen? My wife, Ginger’s human mom, makes a bowl of cereal every morning for breakfast. She slices bananas on her breakfast every morning. One day a while back, one of the slices missed the bowl and fell on the floor. Ginger pounced on it before it could bounce.

Ginger watches her every morning with an expectant look. As each slice hits the bowl, her eyes turn sadder with a look of forlorn across her face. As more slices enter the bowl, she becomes fidgety and eventually goes to demanding. In her usual Karen tone, we hear a moan or a grumble depending on the morning. Mom will give into the Oliver Twist begging and give her a slice. Sometimes, no slices fall to the floor and we have one grumpy dog the rest of the morning.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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