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My Entitled Dog – Chief Inspector

Happy Friday Everyone,

The rain has shown to be bipolar this year. Entering April, we were lacking in rain by several inches. A refreshing rain soaked the ground starting in mid-April and didn’t let up until the end of May. This brought our negative precipitation numbers well into the positive levels.

As May rolled over into June, the skies showed bright with barely a sprinkle in the forecast. The sunny warm days were made even more pleasant by the lack of humidity gagging the air. By the end of June, the rainfall dropped well below normal, and the weather people started chanting drought as my grass began to turn brown.

We celebrated the Fourth of July with clouds moving into the region. The next day saw a downpour greening everything and rained again two days later. While the heat dome filled most of this country, we sat just outside it, bringing rain almost every day that comes with being on the cusp of hot and cool weather. The constant barrage of rainwater culminated in a three-day deluge with a twelve-hour overnight storm towards the end of August.

My lawn grew very green yard with a few spots too soggy to mow without leaving brown tread marks in the grass. My neighbor had it worse and called the county for help. Wednesday saw them digging out the ditch in our front yards to keep the runoff moving. This created a bark-fest in our house as the Lord Protector of the House and Defender of the Neighborhood didn’t approve of the work with her status as Queen Ginger.

As the workers moved across the front of our yard, she settled down to just watching them with an occasional complaint when they stopped. A gruff, “Ruff,” as if to say, “Get back to work,” came from the queen sitting in her perch micro-managing everything. I snapped a picture of her dictating from the couch and asked, “Are you the Chief Inspector?” She grinned and nodded yes to me accepting the new title I bestowed on her.

About the picture: Ginger supervising the work out front and gaining the new title of Chief Inspector.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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