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My Dog is a Karen – Repairman Cometh

Happy Friday Everyone,

My father bought a refrigerator in 1952 upon marrying my mother. This icebox kept groceries cool through seven decades and five houses. When Mom passed away in 2019, it still held various products at a cool thirty-five degrees.

My wife and I purchased a freezer in 2018 and it stop performing properly this past month. We called the repair man Kurt to our house. He plays with it for a couple of minutes and said let me know if that works. It didn’t and he orders a new part.

Wednesday, this week Kurt arrives to repair the five-year-old freezer. My wife missed the text of his impending appearance. Our first recognition of him coming was the horrific howling from our resident karen complaining she was not made aware of the intruder's presence.

My daughter, Ginger’s human sister, gathered her into her arms and quickly extricated her upstairs to her room. Old Ginger still had a few tricks up her furry paw and escaped before the door could close. Sister ran down after her and snatched her in mid-howl at the delinquent wiping his feet. Oh, the complaints lodged at her sister for such disrespectful treatment to the queen of the house were shocking. The moans and groans of dismay filled the house from the injustice of not being able to voice her protests and stand guard over the home.

Well, it turned out the inexpensive part was not the problem and to fix this modern piece of convenience will cost twice as much as buying a new one. We bought a new freezer yesterday and on the first Saturday in August we will deal with karen, the self-appointed queen of the house voicing her displeasure.

And for this week’s picture, the couch instantaneously exploded around her again as she lay gently for a nap. Notice her regal defiant pose as she proclaimed her innocence.

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I found several mistakes in my proof copy of Death to the Devil’s Dragon and updated the changes. My daughter is reading it over as a new set of eyes so it can be perfect for the publish date is September 1. Help me perfect Death to the Devil’s Dragon by reading it for mistakes and letting me know. Please email me at: for a free copy.

God bless,

Danny Mac

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