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My Dog is a Karen – Ginger’s POV

Hello everyone,

Ginger is demonstrating more indignation over my blogs in recent weeks. As mom read last week’s post to her, she moans out lies and untruths, squeaks of unfairness, and squeals of not my fault. In an effort to be fair and considerate of the karen lying just below the surface, this week’s blog comes from Ginger’s Point Of View.

Dad’s blogs exaggerate my moods and temperament every week painting me as an unhinged shrieking harpy. Nothing could be further from the truth. I came into their lives and brighten them with charm and wisdom. My cheery personality warms an otherwise cold house. Sometimes, very rarely, I become a little frustrated by the lack of love coming back to me and become a touch grumpy.

I protect the house from intruders when the people in the house fail to see the threat. As they while away the hours, I maintain diligent vigilance of security. Frequently searching the great outdoors for anything that might hurt my family to which the ungrateful only yell at me.

When new people try to enter the house, I fiercely defend it. Yet, the naïve yell at me, “They come every week to the house.” These guests bring little people with them. They are the perfect size for me to tumble with them. Do I get to play? No, they lock me upstairs because the uncoordinated youngsters cannot stand on their feet when I barely brush against them in a gentle playful manner.

Mom runs the house and dad acts as her enforcer. He tells lies about me and chases me out of the kitchen when I am just trying to help him. The other day, a pillow fell off the red chair and he told mom I did it. He didn’t see me in the chair but told on me just the same. A week ago, the cover on the couch fell off and I tried to fix it. I did my best to put it back but it ended up in a ball on top of me. Do I get the benefit of the doubt? No, he tells mom, I tore off the cover for my own comfort.

Dad comes to bed last. It is his job to make sure I am covered for the night in the blanket I chose. Sometimes he forgets or does a haphazard job of it. I politely comment on his lack of details. He sarcastically says, “Excuuusssse meeee!” like I am making a big deal of my head not being completely covered and tucked in.

The comments expressed on behalf of Ginger were read to her and approved. Please leave a comment on my blog, subscribe for future blogs, and like where applicable.

God bless,

Danny Mac

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1 Comment

Jan 20, 2023

Love your My dog is a Karen stories.

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