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My Dog is a Karen – A Sentimental Journey

Happy St. Paddy’s Day Everyone,

When mentioning my departure from the usual karen stories, our dog Ginger turned the cold furry shoulder to me. In order to keep the peace and appease Ginger, a quick story. Finishing the cleaning of the kitchen the sound of the protective cover being shredded from the couch became apparent. As the parent in charge, I walked into the living room to see Ginger pulling the cover across the cushions to sleep on the pile. However, being a karen, she gave me a dirty look for catching her. She grumbled every step up to complain to mom.

Twenty-nine years of marriage closes quickly upon my wife and me. The week ended early for me taking Friday off to start spring break at college a lifetime ago. We attended the rehearsal in the evening and then went out with our siblings to celebrate before a peaceful night’s sleep.

Our quaint little wedding of just immediate family bloomed to over a hundred people because our mothers supplied their input. There was a certain calmness to me until over three hundred eyes peered at me and my bride, and then my stomach tightened. As we held hands while the preacher introduced us, I fixated on the hopeful face of my bride. When the preacher turned his back, she mouthed, “My hands.” I looked down to see my hands tightened to a vice-like grip squeezing her hands purple.

We still talk fondly of this precious moment twenty-nine years later. We look back with joy on all the good times, adversities, and a few bad moments. As the gray filters into our lives, I still feel the same young woman I squeezed to purple all those years before. I believe she still has the crazy guy who at times hangs on tightly to her when things go south.

I take great pride in knowing that I can aggravate her anytime as proven over the many years. I look forward to pestering well into the future. Why she would put up with a man like me, you might ask. I can cook! A well-prepared meal goes a long way in smoothing out hurt feelings, a broken heart, or a disappointing dream. (Younger husbands take note of this.) Chicken parmesan, pasta with various sauces, and most of all fettuccine Alfredo are her favorites.

The first twenty-nine years were so good, I cannot wait to see what the next three decades bring us.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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