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Mac’s Moments – Search History

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As mentioned in the last couple of posts I started a new short story. Wanting my story with a narrator of the story is a police detective having a plot with some realism to it, I contacted a local detective who agreed to answer some questions in regard to procedures and policies.


As I drove away from the police station, a strange thought came to me. What would happen if the police found my search history and reviewed it? A chuckle ran through my thoughts at the weird notion as I remembered a thread on Facebook over a year ago where someone mentioned this very thing.


One writer mentioned all the places, towns, and countries reviewed. Another claimed they looked for famous people hoping to find anecdotes for their book. The most memorable was a woman who wrote murder mysteries and speculated on all the trouble that could be had for her search history.


I laughed at the various scenarios in the post from various authors while not thinking that any of my searches could cause alarm. That is until I drove away from the police station. In the past couple of years, one would find explorations into the supernatural world from my computer to help shape the monsters that fight the heroes of my books. Then I remembered the translations from Hebrew into English for characters using words like hate, monsters, and demons. Then there are physics, earth sciences, and health-related questions like diseases, illnesses, and other poxes on humanity.


“Oh no,” shot across my mind. “Arsenic poisoning,” was a popular search one week where the effect of one of the monsters mimicked it. To top it off, it didn’t make it into the book other than a quick mention. Hopefully, they don’t look too far back into my history.


I hope other authors can laugh at my dilemma and readers understand the extent writers go to make their books come alive. I would love to hear your strangest search of your writing career.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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