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Friday 12/11/2020

Hello everyone,

Another week has passed and my house celebrated my birthday on Wednesday. My favorite daughter was going to make oatmeal scotch cookies but Christmas plans took priority. Thus the life of a child born in December. When asked what I want for Christmas, I always answer to remember my birthday is in December. My cookies should be baked today.

Mentioning I have a favorite daughter might raise an eyebrow or two. I admit, I do have a favorite daughter. In fact, she is my favorite child. I spoil her to that extend over and above other children. Did I mention, there is but one child in our family? Yes, she is an only child there by making her my favorite. When she brings home good grades or picks on her mother, she is my child. When she argues with her parents or presents us with trouble, she is her mother’s daughter. However, my wife claims it in the other direction.

I have been trying to find the right genre for my flying series books. It is a Christian Fiction and contains fantasy and sci-fi but cannot call them Fantasy or Sci-fi because they really don’t fit the modern reader that way. Magical Realism best fits the stories because they take place in a real setting and carry supernatural elements to them and offers social advice to the world. However, very few knows what Magical Realism is and appreciate the genre. So, I am going to sell them under Christian Fiction with a fantasy twist. I am hoping this brings readers to these stories.

The Fighting Son is waiting cover design. I received several concepts and in the process of refining one of them. If anyone like to pre-read (Beta) this book, contact me via email and I will send a PDF version.

God bless,

Danny Mac

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