Friday 12/04/2020

Hello everyone,

I write letters to the editor for our local newspaper. Most of which deal with economics because I am just that nerdy. While some people collect stamps, I like economics. My moniker for writing the letters is The Recreational Economist. On Wednesday, we lost one of the best economic minds of the twentieth century, Dr. Walter Williams. Some economist like to show their intelligence by using big words and making new ones. Dr. Williams showed his intelligence by explaining complex ideas in the simplest and understandable words. His understanding of our economy will be sorely missed.

This week went by fast with several surprises. The best was the new cover for The Fighting Son. It has the general motive of the first two book covers but uniquely Rod and his personality. It sent back the revisions for the artist and should have it within the week. If interested, you can be a beta reader and see an advance copy in PDF from. Send a note to

My daughter and I set the Christmas lights this year as usual. It is a daddy daughter tradition. Although, in recent years, she has taken the lead on the placement of the lights. I was her helper this year as she was the one climbing the ladder and hanging the lights. She still relied on my expertise in the power source but other than that, it is her creation.

The other day I got home from running errands and my wife had chicken breast thawing on the counter. “What’s this” I ask.

“For Chicken Parmesan” she said with a hopeful smile.

“You are making us Chicken Parm tonight, great.”

As it turns out she wanted me to make Chicken Parmesan and I did. This time, I mixed the parmesan into the bread crumbs with some basil. It turned out excellent and would suggest it to all my readers.

God bless,

Danny Mac

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