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Friday 11/20/2020

Hello everyone,

This week has gone by fast with a lot of things happening. Last Sunday, we lost power for an hour and it shorted our septic motor. Looks like we need a new one. Our state is recommending a slowdown in the economy and there is now a curfew from 10 at night to five in the morning, unless you are working. So my wife wanted to buy something for Christmas and she wanted my opinion. We went to Target for a new toaster oven and not even one minute into the store, she is looking at socks for our daughter. It was hard to keep her focused on the task at hand, but we were done in fifteen minutes. Now she is mad at me for ruining her shopping. That is why she doesn’t take me with her when shopping.

I have a collection of short stories for an anthology coming out in spring 2021. The working title is The Collectanea. Collectanea definition by Merriam-Webster is collected writings or literary items forming a collection. First defined in 1791, it comes from the Latin word collectaneus. For this book, it is a collection of short stories ranging from five hundred words to over four thousand words. The stories are assorted genres including humorous, tragedy, romance, caring, redemption, and sorrow. The stories are in first person narrative as if the speaker is telling the story over a cup of coffee or maybe around a fire pit with close friends. The storyteller has a personal stake in the story and reveals the events to the best of their memory.

I picked up a few more followers on Goodreads with increased the rating and reviews also. I am asking everyone to put their ratings on Amazon to help sales there. The give-away for The Genuine Daughter expires tonight at midnight Pacific Time and winners chosen tomorrow.

The Six Loves of Jack Brown will go on sale Sunday, November 22, 2020 for one week. The sale price is 99 cents for the E-book. This is a great deal for a book getting good reviews. One of my favorite comments is the reader likened it to reading Tuesdays with Morrie.

God bless,

Danny Mac

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