Friday 11/13/2020

It was a very pleasant week. The temperatures were in the seventies, 22c to 24c for my friends using metric scale. We had just suffered through three weeks of cold rain and a little snow. I broke out my winter coat, long sleeve shirts, and went looking for my thermals. Then we had seven days of sunshine and was able to get the grass cut hopefully for the last time this year. Short sleeve shirts and short pants in November. When I was young and I see young people doing today of wearing shorts in November, but I am in my sixties and was able to do this. Yes, it was that nice. Now, we are preparing for the cold settling again this weekend.

I tried some new seasoning in my chicken fried steak this week. There are five living in the house and the cube steak comes in packages of two. Great lunch tomorrow, I thought. No, it must have been good because it was gone that night. Such is life of a good cook.

On the professional level, I am making new connections everyday trying to extend my brand out. I know from many years of selling there is a fine line between persistent and being a pest. Being still new to book marketing, I pray for forgiveness if I pass persistent and become a pest.

The Six Loves of Jack Brown is getting great reviews but not many sales. Everything I read suggest the sales will come as the reviews increase. Being the inpatient man I am, I am running a $.99 sales from 11/22/20 to 11/29/20 through Amazon.

The early review on The Genuine Daughter are looking good and I have twenty people doing reviews for The Nonentity. I am always looking for reviewers so if you are interested, PM me.

I hope this week is as pleasant for you as the sunshine was for me last week.

God bless,

Danny Mac

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