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Friday 05/29/2021: Memorial Weekend

Hello everyone,

I missed the last Friday in May because several things came up yesterday. Memorial Day means a three day weekend for most working people. We in America set aside one day a year to pay homage to those losing their lives defending our country from enemies wishing to harm us. We call it Memorial Day and we should remember in a somber tone those giving their lives to protect us. Likewise, as we remember the individuals passing in defense of our country, a celebration of their life as the best remembrance.

When people hear celebration, most think of a carnival or festival event. However, celebration also means remembrance and salutation. Another word from my thesaurus is memorial which carries many of the same synonyms. It is good that we celebrate in a party atmosphere but we should also temper the revelry with tribute to the soldier forfeiting his or her life to keep us free from foreign invaders.

As I reach the age where most people think of me as an old man, I come to realize the Bible is about balance in your life. We reach the best balance when we rely on God. There are several passage about not straying left or right but remain in the middle and on course. This holds true for this weekend. It is not good to spend the complete weekend in merriment and likewise, nor is it good to spend it mourning those who gave up their lives in service for our country. Celebrate the life of the missing soldier with a balance of joy and sorrow while keeping God in your life.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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