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Friday 04/02/2021: Podcast Story

Hello everyone,

I have been writing for ten years now. It puts my mind to rest as the stories come out and I see them on the screen in front of me. If written many short stories, published two books, and working on a sequel to the Flying People Series. This latest works involves demons, serpents, and even a dragon. However, today I would like to focus on a short story.

Mr. Herrman, Honorable Man is a short story about 3200 words. Mr. Herrman finds sanctuary in a small town after a life of killing for the army. He lives peaceably for 30 years when one Sunday morning violence forces him to kill again to protect a young woman, the daughter of a dear friend.

I recently presented this story to a podcaster called The Bard’s Guild and he made into his first podcast. Being his first time, his rendition was somewhat awkward at times, but a chill ran through me to hear my story read aloud by someone I do not know. I listened to the story on Spotify but it is available at many more sites. Please support the young man as he begins his career as a teller of stories. Attached is the link to Spotify.

If you have read any of my books, please leave a review on Goodreads and Amazon.

God bless,

Danny Mac

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