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Friday 03/19/2021: Anniversary Message

Hello everyone,

Twenty-seven years ago today, I married the woman God provided to me. That morning started as any normal day. Then I found myself standing at the alter waiting for my bride to come aisle. It was at that moment the full impact that my life was changing hit me and turned me into a nervous wreck. We held hands as the preacher opened the ceremony. When he turned for just a moment I heard, “You’re crushing my hands!” in a soft meek voice.

Looking down at my hands to saw them tightly bounding my love’s hands. Her fingers appeared crunch together as one unit held in a tight vice grip. The video shows her shaking her hands trying to get the blood back into them.

We went on a honeymoon and settled into an apartment within a week. The following Monday, we both started the spring quarter of college. We quickly became accustomed to each other and one day coming around the corner I asked if she needed anything. In her relaxed state, my voice startled her into jumping practically out of her skin. Her face shined with brightness and amazement. It touched me deep inside.

A week later, while she was in the shower, I managed to sneak up on her a scare her again. The astonishment shined in her again. This became a regular thing of surprising her in the shower. A couple years later we moved to a new town and required a new shower curtain. She scrutinized the different ones stopping on a clear one. “Don’t get that one” was my request.

“Why” asked her.

“Get the opaque one because it is easier to sneak up on you.” My darling bride scoffed at my request. A young woman standing next to us perusing the towels states out loud, “Why do men do that?” I had no answer for her that day.

Then earlier this week, Tammy exited the bedroom as I approached from the other direction. She popped out the door and I was right there to her amazing astonishment. Her face lit up like it did the first time twenty-seven years ago. As she laughed with fright, she slapped my arm and said, “I need to put a bell on you.”

So, to the young lady’s question all those years before, that is why men sneak up on the loving bride to scare them. We want to capture the innocence of youth and see our loving wives in full of amazement and wonder. She appeared like the day I said, “I do.”

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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