Friday 01/01/2021 Happy New Year

Hello everyone,

I ran out of Christmas cookies. It seems other people in the house have been eating them when I wasn’t looking because they went a lot faster than expected.

It is the New Year’s Day, the beginning of a new year. May the New Year bring you hope, joy and love.

Many people like to review the year for their accomplishments. However, this year, I will review my dog, Ginger and her great feats. During this year, she has warned us against 345 UPS trucks, 285 Fed Ex trucks, 160 Prime trucks, 52 times the trash truck, and 12 protections from the electrical meter reader’s car. We were safe all year in her eyes from these malicious vehicles.

In addition to the wicked means of transportation, there were countless times neighbors retrieving their mail made an aggressive and demonstrable motion while walking to their box. This also set her into protective mode and she let out her howling bark of a high soprano which makes everyone in the house jump to see the evil lurking among us.

She has made significant improvement in safety over the years. We used to have leaves that floated across our yard with the force to destroy our house and she has barked them into submission. Now, they know not to be so aggressive. There was a single robin with beady eyes and menacing beak terrorizing our yard until Ginger’s howl scared it away. It has been several years of freedom from that evil robin.

Ginger vows to keep us safe from all these evils in the upcoming year as she has in the past. She is most diligent in her protection of her family.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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