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Hello everyone,

I recently started a Book Funnel account. I am not sure all of what is happening with it, but I will learn over time. With one promo complete and five more in progress, I am patiently waiting to see if it brings more sales. In the meantime, the more people coming to Book Funnel through my links posted on social media, the more promos become available. Please help me and other authors by visiting Book Funnel for your next venture into fiction.

It is my impression that Book Funnel hosts many authors struggling to sell books. Many of these authors are unknown to the wider book reading population. I encourage everyone to find Book Funnel and search its many books exposing yourself to new authors, like me. I am currently featuring The Six Loves of Jack Brown in five promos with many other authors with some offering an Amazon gift card. Many of them offer special pricing and other incentives.

Did I mention my dog is a Karen? Our previous dog learned new tricks within days. Starting with a treat, repeating the command, and eventually weaning her off the treat. Lucky learns “Last pee-pee” within a week. This gives the dog one last time to relieve herself before bedtime. We hate having to get up in the middle of the night.

A younger Ginger first appears as not very bright. I soon discover she learns things quite fast when it benefits her. Things like, when I pull the plates out of the cupboard for dinner, she jumps and howls to go out on the back porch she masters in two days. She likes the porch to view the world and perchance howl at the neighbor’s dog. However, when it comes to tricks that she sees no immediate benefit to her, she goes full Karen on us.

After nine years, she still refuses to move on “Last pee-pee” command without a cookie. Now that our resident Karen is nine years old, sometimes it takes waving the cookie under her nose before she shows any life. No amount of verbal encouragement works on her and she refuses to move without an edible bribe. She knows what to do and she knows it has the benefit of not waking her in the middle of the night, she refuses to move. Why, because Ginger is a Karen.

Furthermore, last night she gave me the disappointing Karen stare when I didn’t have a second cookie for her. My wife explains she breaks the cookie in half, gives her half to get her up, and the other half after hooking her up to go out. My attempt to please her did not meet her satisfaction and she grumbled at me until she fell asleep again.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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