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Wore Out a Karen

Hello everyone,

Did I mention my dog is a Karen? On Monday, my wife and daughter worked a second plot for a garden. They dug the grass from the lawn and turned over the soil. They started at nine in the morning and toiled until lunchtime preparing the new section to receive melons of several varieties.

Ginger, our resident four-legged Karen, promoted herself to the boss of their work. She stood in judgment over them for the three hours commenting on their endeavor with a disappointing groan or a yap at the lack of appreciation for her suggestions.

After Lunch, the two urban farmers tilled the clay soil with its rock-hard clumps and dirtballs. Karen grumbled audibly upset for the two failed to bring her with them, and so, I let her out. My enterprising cultivators did not hear Ginger’s micromanagement style over the spinning blade of the electric tiller. They finished the initial turning of the land around four o’clock just in time for me to start cooking supper. Our Karen oversaw the preparation of the evening meal. Her fault-finding supervision consisted of her walking through, around, and across my path while cooking.

On Tuesday, my gardeners started adding compose and topsoil to the garden to replace the volume of the removed grass and enrich the soil for better yield. This took most of the day with Ginger still as acting manager. Small-Group met at our house on Tuesday night. As we all know, a Karen had to be the center of attention and Ginger pushed her way in front of all the guests.

After two days of supervising her workers lead to exhaustion and she plopped into her bed for much-needed rest. However, I was leading the group through Luke 24:36-48. This was a rather excitable section of the Bible and we became quite animated during the discussions. During one of the more ruckus portions, Ginger jumped from her slumber to investigate any danger.

Wednesday morning made me the first out of bed. Being in my sixties, this came with the cracking of joints, moans and groans from old muscles not wanting to move, and my wife complaining about the noise. As my feet planted firmly on the carpet, the room filled with a long disgruntle groan from our dog, the Karen.

It seems dogs require a good eight hours of sleep every night with twelve hours of naps in between. After two days of missing naps makes our dog is quite grumpy and sleepy. This meant she required twenty-four make up hours of sleep. There is usually a dozen reason for her to howl at something in the neighborhood, but this past Wednesday, she only finds one by coincidence at the end of the day. I wave a dog cookie under her nose, just to get her out one last time before bedtime.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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