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What’s a Doohickey?

Hello everyone,

Communication after twenty-eight years together sometimes becomes very terse. My wife and I have a very unusual and strange dialog on a daily basis. It seems proper English and complete sentences no longer need to apply. Our exchanges end up as a cryptic message between two people linked at the moment by many years of living.

The other day, I actually listen to one of these interactions and thought deeply about it.

A typical conversation goes on, the wife asks coming home from the store, “Did you remember the Doohickey?”

Me: “In the bag. Did you finish?”

Her: “Almost done. What about?”

Me: “Shelf was empty.”

Other than “Doohickey” none of the sentences have a subject. It is if we know what the other wants. Then again, I know the definition of “Doohickey, Thingamajig, Whatchamacallit, and Thingamabob.” Please note, these definitions change with the need of the moment. Occasionally, I miss the meaning and it leads to either frustration, laughter, or sometimes both.

Do any of my readers have these conversations with their spouses? Please leave a comment below.

Did I mention my dog is a Karen? This past week winter came at us with a vengeance. Woke up the other morning to the thermometer reading -2F. or -18C. for my Canadian friends. Where my Canadian friends see this as a warm winter’s day, it is very cold for us. Our short-haired dog does not like this bitter cold and spends a minimal amount of time outside as required. Then rushes back into the warm house to snuggle in her warm bed.

However, she is a Karen first and foremost. It doesn’t matter how cold she finds winter, she finds time to let our neighbors know her displeasure at their inconvenience of coming home while she is outside. Ginger makes a strange high-pitched bark consisting of an arf with a howl or “Arowrlooooar” These barks last about thirty seconds drawing it from her diaphragm like a premiere opera singer. With the extreme cold, it does take much coaching to gather her back into the house.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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