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Update on WIP

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Hello everyone,

For the past couple of months, I continue to review and edit two books, Work In Process. The second book follows up the Flying People Series. It possesses several new flying people with new and old demons and monsters. The epilog has me confounded but working on ideas. This should be ready for Beta readers in late spring.

The next book for publication is a collection of short stories. These fall under contemporary romance or literary fiction. It covers lives and situations facing all of us today and includes humor, tragedy, romance, and quirky. The fifth edit comes with some insight from three previewers and I thank them for their help.

However, they did not indicate directly if they like or disliked the stories. I am looking for Beta readers to just give their opinion on the story itself. I am thinking of a grading scale of 1 equaling dislike and 5 equating to loving it. If anyone would like to read my stories coming from my dreams and rate them 1 - 5, you can email me at I would be grateful to send you a Word Doc or PDF through Email or a printed copy through snail mail.

Did I mention my dog is a Karen? Tuesday evenings fill the house with Small Group friends to consume dinner and the Word of God. I lead the group that includes mostly older people with one young couple and their three small children. Since the young children match Ginger’s height, she thinks they make good playmates to jump and pounce to her delight.

Ginger wants to play with them as she does with any dog. We know she won’t bite them, but her claws are sharp and known to draw blood. Added the fact, that her forty pounds of excitement can easily knock them over or worse down the steps, we lock her in a bedroom with her sister studying for college classes.

Karen does not like being locked up away from the excitement. She lets the world know by a constant high pitch whine and scratching on the door. Mom yells up the stairs, “Ginger” trying to quiet her. Then the toddler hollers “Jingew” in the cutest and most adorable voice you can imagine.

Dinner begins and the conversation develops between bites. With everyone ignoring our resident Karen, she eventually quiets down to just an occasional whimper now and then.

Learn more about me at my website:

God bless,

Danny Mac

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