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Understanding Women

Hello everyone,

As mentioned many times in the past, the same woman has claimed me as her husband for over twenty-eight years. A plethora of ideas about women mapped my mind of what a woman wants before marrying my lovely bride. I can safely say, after everything we have been through, I understand women less today than I did before getting to know the best for me in an intimate fashion.

Studying the Bible for the past ten years allowed me to accept this reality because nowhere in the Bible does it require a man to understand a woman. If anything, it expounded on the problems we have. However, my reading of the Bible told me men should love their wives with caring and nurturing respect. Paul called me to love my wife the way Jesus loved the Church.

So even though I do not understand her ways and means at times, I am to lift her up in the sight of God, family, and friends. And yes, she still aggravates me to this day and my only consolation for this is, that I still infuriate her on a regular basis. It is only through the love we have for each other and our love for God do we find peace and happiness in our dysfunctional world. Love is a powerful antidote for the problems we face on this Earth.

Did I mention my dog is a Karen? A memory came up this past week of a post on Facebook from a few years ago. The original post emanated before realizing my dog was a Karen. I know now this post stemmed from her training to become a Karen for she had not reached her full Karen potential. Here is the FB post from several years ago.

Conversation with my four-legged child in the family room

Urgent child: Arrrooo Arrrooo Arrrrooo

Me: what?

Excited child: OOOrrrrruuuu

Me: is someone out there

Wild child: RRRuuu RRRuuuu

Me: OK (as I start to get up and let her out)


Me: I am not rushing just so you can bark at the other dog


Me: I’m coming

Irrational child: RRRRRROOOOOOOOOO

Me: I’ll get there when I get there

Disgruntled Child: ooorrrrruuuu

Me. Well sit and don't talk back

Entitled child: rrruuu Arrrrooo ooorrrrruuuu

(I hook up the leash and let her out)

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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