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Prayers Requested

Hello everyone,

I am sorry for posting this late on Friday evening. Normally I normally post around ten in the morning but this week the typing didn’t start until six in the evening. This week brought a lot of turmoil to the house and I request prayers for our family.

My father-in-law suffered an acute stroke two weeks ago. This past week his kidneys gave him some problems and returned to the hospital. This was where the commotion began. My FIL didn’t want to go back to rehab but we were in no shape to care for him. We reached our wit’s end today as he refused to speak with us although fully capable. With all other options failing, we resorted to prayer from us and friends. My family and I came to the point where we all had tears flowing down our faces as we cried for help.

God sent an angel in the form of a therapist and she was able to get him to speak again. He agreed to return to therapy but not the center he came from. She brought him flowers and befriended him. It was through her loving heart for an old man she convinced him to talk again. God brings a stranger into our lives to serve us and do his work. Thank God and his servant.

Did I mention my dog is a Karen? My wife worked on cleaning and organizing the in-law suite this past week. Ginger wanted to be with her but there are many items throughout the quarters that she will eat that would not agree with her well-being including dropped pills. Ginger laid by the door and waited for mom to finish her work.

Being a Karen, she could not lay quietly and spent the day whining in a high-pitched tone over mom, my wife working away the day and talking with her mother. Every time they spoke, Ginger whined a heartbreaking “rrrrrrnnnnn.” It reminded me of a lost child missing their family, but then again, it sounded like a spoiled child not getting their way.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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