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Offering Advice to Writers

Hello everyone,

Finishing my sixth week of shingles and wondering when the pain will leave for good. Several days in a row, the pain dissipates as if it was gone only to have the pain scream torrents at me in the evening. Becoming active again comes with punishment.

Being new to writing, I find myself offering advice. This makes me feel uneasy because writing has never been a strength for me. I do okay with technical articles about my previous profession and wrote several letters to the editor regarding economic issues. However, writing books for people to enjoy requires a very different approach to writing. Whereas technical papers tell about the facts and are meant to be informative, pleasure writing requires the writer to show the action, emotion, and events.

Most of my advice regards the process and not the writing itself. On FB I offer explanations as to using certain publishing tools. It is what I use. I don’t know if it is better or worse than other tools, but it works for me. I hope it makes their publishing life easier. Then a couple of days ago, a person on LinkedIn asks about the process of writing and the time frame. I gave him my best answer. Again I hope this encourages him to continue towards his goals.

I have several authors who help me in my writing life and hope to help others in their journey. My suggestions come from a place of needing to know more than I understand now. It is no cure-all advice but I hope it gives them more insight than they had before. I am a lost soul on the journey of writing hoping to help other lost souls find their way.

Did I mention, my dog is a Karen? Her preferred hobby is peering out the bay window and barking at anything that moves. The other day passing through the living room, she stares at me with a “Get your manager face” as if to complain there are no strangers, trucks, or bicycles. My only comment was, “What I am to do, go track down something for you to bark at?”

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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