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New Year’s Resolutions

Hello everyone,

Many people profess a new beginning with the New Year. These declarations to better their life come in the form of resolutions. Some people make great fanfare of the promises to themselves and announce it for the world to hear. Others keep it quietly to themselves only sharing with close friends. The final group could not care less about making such pledges knowing they will never keep them.

However, I do not make new resolutions for the same resolution of the past forty years still haunts me. Becoming closer to God and his will is my long-term resolution. Technically, I achieve this goal every year in reality I am still far from reaching it. It becomes discouraging sometimes but then I look over my life and I can see where God brought me closer to him. Over the forty years of this resolution, I have become more loving, grateful, and merciful. This allows me to be more forgiving than resentful. Looking back over my life, I see improvement, and looking forward in life, there are great deficiencies of my current life. Again this year, I will pray to become closer to God and become the person he wants me to be.

Did I mention, my dog is a Karen? Most Karens walk through life not noticing important clues around them. When they do see an irrelevant signal, it jogs their brain into overdrive to determine something quite different than reality. This morning while letting Ginger, my dog the Karen out, I notice a work truck taking down a tree about a quarter-mile away. With great urgency to do her business, she misses this vital clue. I stay close expecting to hear howling at the intruder into her sightline.

A few minutes pass before hearing our family Karen bellowing at her perceived injustice. Opening the door and expecting to see her attention on the truck in the distance, instead, she growls at the neighbor across the street removing groceries from her car. “Leave her alone,” I protest at her. The Karen turns away from me and the truck down the road catches her eye and starts howling for them to stop. I call her into the house and she runs upstairs to tell mom I yelled at her.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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