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New Book WIP

Hello everyone,

This week I finished my second round of edits for my fifth book. This WIP is the next story in the Flying People series. The tale strays heavily into speculative fiction where a character in the book describes supernatural events in our world using scientific and Biblical terms. She tries to bring strange and bizarre occurrences into perspective for the flyers living through the incidences and comfort for their spouses.

Not being a Biblical scholar, I sent it to a friend of mine that uses Greek translations to further his depth of it. My hope is the speculations in this fantasy go beyond our world and yet adhere to Biblical principles. I am confident my friend will provide good feedback for the extraordinary claims in the story. This book really pushes the envelope of reason and yet provides hope and faith in God’s plan.

This latest WIP has the working title New Book. I know creative, isn’t it? I am at a loss for a new title. I have four that sound good but I am not sure. I feel the title should be catchy and reflect the intention of the story. The stories come easy for me, but the titles and blurbs are hard. These are the next step after the current verifications.

Did I mention, my dog is a Karen? We have a dog bed in our bedroom. Ginger, aka Karen, sleeps in it every night. We place her bed in a spot leaving easy access for us to move around without stumbling over it. Ginger likes kicking it randomly around the room for a better spot. This spot will block one or both of our attempts for a bathroom break in the middle of the night. When we say anything to her about moving her bed, she grumbles at us in a low tone in an under her breath rant. It sounds like she is telling us to mind our own business with some possible expletives thrown in, but it is in dog speech so I don’t know for sure.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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