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My Entitled Dog – Strange Dogs

Happy Friday Everyone,

Monday morning find myself listening to a Reddit story on YouTube before starting my writing for the day. Yes, I like to procrastinate. It is a writer’s thing. The intro just finished, and the first story began with an explanation setting the scene when “Arroo Grouuu,” shouts across the house. The Ginger colored dog in a panic races down the stairs towards the front windows and repeats, “Arroo Grouuu.”

This is her other dog alert, but it is much more robust and fervent. I hear from her freakish alarm there is something different regarding this dog. “Grrrrr Arroo Grouuu,” starts off her explanation. There are two dogs much bigger than she had seen before with a tuff of hair dripping from the chins. Ginger is convinced that the dangling hair is remnants of other animals devour minutes before seeing them and from their fat bellies bulging out from the gorging on the carcass.

Unable to hear my story, I pause it and then crawl out of my chair to investigate this demon from the underworld as described by our dog’s howling. The fog on the window caused by incessant growling and whining is well below my line of sight. I easily spot the beasts of death and determine them to be harmless. “They are our neighbor’s goats,” the loud explanation to her.

“Grummmbuuulll,” comes low and slow of her mouth as if to say, “You don’t know what you are talking about.” So, our dog does the most entitled thing she can think of. She goes to complain to the manager of the house, Mom. I hear moaning criticisms all the way up the steps into the craft room. A few more low disparagements and Mom states back, “Yes, those are goats and totally harmless.”

Ginger marches back to me with a smug, “You are in trouble now look.”

“She confirmed they are goats and not some evil creatures come to destroy our home!”

Ginger looks out the window again and the owner has put them away out of sight. Queen Ginger triumphantly takes her perch on her royal throne on the couch to gloat over her victory in vanquishing the disturbing beast of prey lurking in our neighborhood.

I shipped ten books this week of Death to the Devil’s Dragon to fulfill the GR giveaway. Buy your copy for just $7.99 for the paperback and $2.99 for the Kindle version.

God bless,

Danny Mac

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