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My Entitled Dog – Ginger’s Ire

Happy Friday Everyone,

This past Monday, Ginger spent the morning moaning and complaining on the couch. These were not the cries of pain which is a piercing whistle splitting your eardrums, but the groans of a petulant child or an adult being yelled at for the first time in their lives.

I am happy to announce that these grievances were not aimed at me but at her beloved mother who does no wrong. That’s right folks, Ginger’s angst was aimed straight at mom, aka the boss, the manager, the last word in the house. It was usually Ginger going to Mom because I wouldn’t let her bark at the stray leaf floating along the ground. This time, it was Dad hearing gripes about Mom.

What did Mom do to deserve the torment of such an emotional breakdown? She wouldn’t let Ginger chew on her paw until her heart’s content. I don’t know why her foot itched but I do know for an hour or so Ginger was gnawing on it like an old bone to the point where Mom thought it could cause more damage.

After the third time of stopping our old set-in-her-ways dog, Ginger growled in disdain. To which, Mom yelled back at her in a stern voice reserved only for me. The pitter-patter of disgusted paws marched through the house as Queen Ginger perched on the couch pouting over the cruel and unusual nature of Mom directed at her.

As I passed through the living room, “Mmmmnnnn, Grnnnmmm, and Rmmmnnn,” hovered in the air in a deep tone of despair and disappointment that only a wronged entitled dog of royal blood could emit. Clearly, these translated to, “Well, I never,” and “This isn’t right,” and “I’ll sue.”

“Well don’t growl at your mother,” smarmily slipped through my lips.

“Grnmrrrmm,” grumbled back to me. I took it to mean, “Off with her head,” as the Queen of Hearts said to Alice.

I hollered up the stairs, “She is mad at you.”

“She can’t be chewing on her foot that way,” stormed back down.

“Rrnmgrrrmm,” I interpreted, “I’ll do what I want.” And so, it was just another day with an entitled dog always wanting everything her way.

About the picture: The disdain erupting from the couch chilled the house.

Death to the Devil’s Dragon received its first review. A four-star rating with a glowing review from a reader from Goodreads. I would love to hear your comments on my latest book.

God bless,

Danny Mac

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