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My Entitled Dog – Convenient Cushion

Happy Friday Everyone,

During the summer, Tammy, my wife, and I sell goods at a local farmer’s market. Along with various vegetables from the garden, we sell my wife’s art projects, my books, and breads made from scratch. Tammy makes a quick bread of cinnamon and raisin, and recently added a glazed pumpkin bread. My daughter starts Thursday evening blooming flour and yeast to make French Country Bread for Saturday morning sales.

Fridays become awash with activity. I publish my blog before ten and after Tammy and my daughter fill the kitchen for a day of baking. Naturally, our entitled dog thinks she should be part of the process and adds her two cents to the craziness while I hide out in the TV room or find things to do outside the home.

As the two women bake up tasty treats, they talk incessantly. After a couple of dozen of “Ginger, please stay out of the way,” Ginger decides to camp out in her favorite spot, directly in front of the patio window with the sun warming her cold heart.

However being the queen of the house, lying on the hard tile floor is beneath her. She sashays over to my chair and takes the pillow that supports my back in the hard dining room chair. It takes several pulls to maneuver it under the armrest and she struts it back to the sun-shined floor. There with a groan of contentment, she baths in the sun while her peasants bake in the kitchen.

She positioned herself with an eye toward the work so she could micromanage her slaves toiling before her. Whenever her servants take a break or don’t work fast enough, Ginger grumbles out the next order without removing her chin from the softness of the padding supporting her head.

Mom texted me a picture of her royal highness with the story of her superior supervisory competencies as I was running errands around town. I could hear the snickers coming through the texts as she informed me of the Grand Master Baker barking out orders to her two lowly dough people. I suppose this is another title for our entitled dog.

The giveaway finished on Goodreads for Death to the Devil’s Dragon. The books should ship this weekend or early next week. Thank you for participating and congratulations to the winners.

God bless,

Danny Mac

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