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My Dog is a Karen – Wrong Snack

Happy Friday Everyone,

The other day my wife wanted to go shopping heading east where my plans took me south. I wrangled my way out of shopping. She left at eleven in the morning due back between two and three. I stayed home until two and then started my errands. Completing the first two, I started for the furthest south, and my phone rang. “Hello,” I answered hands-free while negotiating between the lines.

“Ginger’s face is swollen; we’re taking her to the vet.”

“Keep me informed” was the brief discussion.

I arrived home at three, and my wife, child, and dog came home at four. Here is their story.

Ginger fancies herself as queen of the house, tyrant of all rules, and lead protector of the family. She prances around as first in charge everywhere but the vet’s office. Remembering the dastardly things they do to her, she cowards in meekness upon entering the front doors and first catching a whiff of death from the mean people do to her. See my February 3, post for more details.

This time Ginger shakes and shrivels with anticipation of the evilness being brought against her by the bullies in this office of doom. Mom explains the poor dog huddled beneath her feet seeking protection from the atrocities that are about to befall her. Even when the good doctor smiles and calls sweetly, Ginger hides under my wife as if to say, “I’m just a baby.”

Then the doctor reaches for the magic to bring this dog out of her shyness. She pulls out a cookie and waves it close to the dog. The enchanting treat that makes our cowardly dog transform into a brave soldier. With her tail still tucked between her hind legs, she takes the cookie.

It was a bee sting, and the doctor gave a shot to reduce the swelling and sent her home with medicine for the next couple of days. By the time the three made it home, I couldn’t tell where the bee stung our old puppy’s snout. It dawned on me that I let her out just before leaving and she is addicted to eating bees. Apparently, the bee won this round by stinging first. Ginger missed out on the spicy treat only to receive a cookie from her least-like person in the world.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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