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My Dog is a Karen – Worn out Ginger

Merry Christmas everyone,

As predicted at Thanksgiving, our resident karen had a horrible month of devilish trucks, invading delivery people, and new neighbors moving in. The extra stimuli in her life put her on the edge of panic every day. Every noise vibrating into the house twitched her nerves setting off the karen button on a regular basis. This meant her normal eight to ten hours of nap came uneasy with interruptions and often over nothing in sight.

As the sun settled in the western sky earlier every waking day, she maintained her patrol of our house guarding it against the illusive Black Bart coming to harm her family. Instead of a B-B gun, she protected her home with a shrill howling bark of a karen destined for war. The darkness made it impossible to detect iniquity in the world as her eyes grew tired from the lack of adequate sleep.

Shortly after the feeding of her human servants, she found a place on the couch to crash from the exhaustion of defending our abode. From this slumbering nest, we heard the occasional gruff from the tormented nightmares of the dreaded FedEx, UPS, and Amazon trucks driving by the house. It took a Ginger snack to reach into the deep snooze to use the yard one last time before bed.

Then with all the barks she can give for one day exhausted from her being, she slugged her way upstairs to our room for a peaceful night’s sleep. Mom rose up to cover up her baby and tucked her into bed for a secure and safe night of inactivity.

As seen in the picture, we spoil our dog. She sleeps in an oversized queen bed because anything else she fancies as being below her dignity. A designer blanket to keep her warm and a special pillow kowtow to her demanding attitude. Please do not inform her the pillow is the remains from mom gaining a new one or the blanket was a gift from years before she came into our lives.

Tis the season we celebrate Christ coming to Earth as a helpless infant with the full power of our universe upon him. Like the Magi, shepherds, and many other visitors, may we see the coming of the King to rule in righteousness, justice, and peace for the forgiveness of sins and reconciliation with the Father.

I noticed this week, many other writers of karen stories made it a point to use the lowercase K to distinguish between the meme and all the wonderful people named Karen. I will follow their example and adjust my previous stories in the archive and all future blogs regarding our resident karen.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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