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My Dog is a Karen – Truck Trouble

Happy Friday Everyone,

Sunday afternoons tend to be quiet in our house. My wife perfects crafts in her room as I craft a vlog for the week as seen on YouTube. Our Lord Protector of the House stands guard from the couch with a perfect view through the front windows into the world around us.

Then a menacing truck slows as it approaches our drive. This white truck with no discernable markings starts backing into our drive and does not go unnoticed by Ginger. “Gruff,” she grumbles trying to figure out if it is FED-EX, UPS, or Amazon.

First, the back wheel run up the drive and when the front wheels enter our property Ginger goes all karen on the nondescript delivery van. With no knowledge of its origin, her howls cover the rage for all three of the despicable companies. Her fiery torrent of insults, curses, and belligerence wakes everyone in the house from their preoccupation as the truck beeps to the house.

The hair on her back stands straight up in defiance of this unknown intruder. Her high pitch screech hurts our ears with the occasional respite of octaves too high for us to hear. A man in a dark blue shirt carrying a white box emerges from the vehicle and marches to the door. She recognizes the uniform and her screech changes to that of the Amazon shrill.

She did her job of scaring the obnoxious chap from our doorstep and her howling changes to a murmur of complaints as the truck starts out of the drive. This cunning driver stops at the end of our drive and exits the blank truck with a tan box which sets off another deluge of screams defending her house and her servants. She quiets from her deep rage as he crosses the street to the neighbor’s house.

He runs back across the road to his truck and Ginger makes sure with no exceptions this will not be tolerated and begins screeching at him again. This contemptible driver finally learns who his is boss as he climbs back into his truck and leaves for good. Her human mom retrieves the white box from the porch only to become disappointed to learn it is not hers.

About the picture: This position of watching confuses the evil drivers into thinking she is not on duty.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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