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My Dog is a Karen - Toy Mayhem

Happy Friday Everyone,

Several times per week I go through the house picking toys off the floor and putting them in Ginger’s box by the door. If not, they end up in the main paths through the house and in the middle of the steps. Ever since my wife broke her ankle coming down the stairs, I am overprotective of obstacles hindering our ability to traverse the steps.

On Tuesdays, we host Small Group in our home. We prepare a meal to go along with potlucks coming to the house. I spend Monday and Tuesday mornings preparing a guide to help us through a portion of Romans. This past week’s passages are Rom. 5:1-11. This is the pivot point in Paul’s letter from a stern rebuke of the reason we cannot save ourselves to the Good News Jesus did for us already.

We start straightening in the afternoon to make the house presentable for guests. While I clean the kitchen, my wife vacuums the living and family rooms. However, all toys must come off the floor before the removal of dust bunnies, tiny pieces of scraps, and copious amounts of dog hair from the past week.

After filling the toy box and before she can start the vacuum, our resident karen voices the complaint of her squeakers not being where she left them. Grumbling and moaning Ginger takes her toys out of the box and places them around the living room for easy access. “Ginger, I just put those away,” drifts into the kitchen.

Needing a good chuckle, I step into the room to see her mom staring down at her baby. Then takes the newly dropped toys and returns them to the box. She sees the smirk on my face, “Not a word!” as Ginger climbs on the couch still moaning grievances under her breath.

For those of you who might wonder, yes, I had to put the toys away just before the guest came for dinner. By then, queen karen anticipates the arrival of her adorning audience and leaves them in the box until the next morning when she spread them throughout the house once more.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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