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My Dog is a Karen – The Sun Belongs to Ginger

Hello everyone,

Fall is a wonderful time of year. Night comes sooner in the evening and lingers a little longer each morning as the sunrise begins a little further south each morning. The summer heat gives way to enjoyably warm afternoons and cool nights conduct a good night’s sleep. October settles in to see the leaves on the hardwood trees paint the skyline with the brightest colors of the spectrum. It is a wonderful time to be alive.

Autumn also has its pitfalls which I blame the Spiced Pumpkin lovers, but that is a rant for another day. With the pleasures of cooler temperatures comes a downside, the unkindest of the cold weather. To describe it accurately, those days when the temperature fails to go over forty degrees (5C.), clouds dim the sun’s rays, and the drizzly rain falls all day long. The gloom haunts you from dusk to dawn and back to dusk again. The depressing rains cool your spirits as well as your body. After five straight days, you wake as a frozen character, stay chilled all day long, and climb back into bed searching for warmth again.

This iciness proves colder than mid-winter below zero temps that all you require is insulation and protection from the wind to stay warm. Fall’s dreary days seep through the heaviest clothes and water-proofing to sink deep into your bones. Even by a hot fire, the chilliness of the day dwells in the core of your body. There is no escaping the damp refrigerator-like temperature of a mid-October rainy day.

Ginger, growing in years, feels the effects of this freezing without frost more than others in the house since her coat remains the same year-round. We cover her with a blanket at night to keep her cozy and she snuggles into it with groaning and complaining of her cold bones. When the blanket finely warms her sore, she moans with contentment ready for a good night’s slumber.

After almost a week of bone-chilling days and nights, last Saturday night the skies clear dropping the temperature into the twenties. Then the sun brakes the morning sky giving hope of a kinder day. However, the sun rises well below the equinox, and the first day of low-angle sunshine does not heat the outside temperature adequately. The southerly sun beams across the kitchen floor by ten feet as midday approaches. Ginger plops herself at the furthest point away from the coldness of the patio door to soak in the friendly sunlight only moving with the sun along the floor.

This means anyone passing through must walk through her sunbathing to reach the other side of the kitchen. This slight by the person breaking the constant stream of warmth meets a very Karen-like, “Grrrrrnnnnn,” deep from the throat of Ginger. Upon leaving the kitchen by the same route and interrupting her warming bath a second time, “Orrrnnn nooorrrnnn,” translates to “Stay out of my sunlight.” Clearly, all sunshine beaming through the glass belongs to the dog of the house and her people servants prove to be inconsiderate bothers worthy of her scorn. After all, the sunshine belongs to Karen.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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