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My Dog is a Karen – The Last Word

Happy Friday Everyone,

My apologies for the brevity of this post. The editor sent back my manuscript with an overabundance of edits and I am preparing for a book signing this weekend.

Over the past several years, I listened to karen stories while cooking dinner. Many themes persisted throughout the stories, but one stood out this week. Karens always had to have the last word in any argument. If not, it was because police tased, cuffed, and arrested them.

Last week was gorgeous, which meant Ginger wanted out every half-hour after being inside for only a few minutes or I come to get her for going karen on something in the neighborhood. As I called her in on one occasion, she stood proudly for a moment and then barked one more time before entering the house. She must have the last word.

Earlier this week something set off her karen button and the howls wafted into the house. “Ginger get in here!” commanded from my mouth. She stood defiantly for a moment and then, “Arf,” the last word.

As she sauntered back to the house, we heard, “Roof,” echoing around the middle house from two doors down. Ginger stopped, pivoted to be heard, “BARK,” and ran back into the house. The stare I received telling me to close the door immediately was non-negotiable. She got the last word!

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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