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My Dog is a Karen – Tantrum Cancelled

Happy Friday Everyone,

We finished one of the sunniest and warm weeks of April I have seen in sixty-four years of life. Last Friday it rained gloom all day long with hints of snow possibly entering the day. Saturday broke out with sunshine as the warming ball of fire cleared the horizon. Although the high only reached the mid-forties, it was a pleasant difference between the past few days and the rainy Aprils of past years. The amazing weather continued to improve when Wednesday reached seventy-five degrees (24C for my Canadian friends) with humidity less than forty percent, gorgeous.

As spring brought warming temperatures, our new neighbor received his first toy of country life, a zero-turn riding lawn mower delivered around ten Saturday morning. Naturally, our resident karen voiced her displeasure regarding an unapproved truck stopping next door. Howls outraged throughout the house warning us of the impending doom.

Peering out the window, I saw the truck backing into their drive. “No, you are not going outside to yell at them,” and chase her furry butt up to mom’s room.

Another ten minutes passed before she clanked her bell to go out. A quick look out the front window and the truck left our neighborhood. I started to let her out. As the door cracked open, I spied our neighbor working on his new toy. “Nope,” the door closed without unleashing the karen kraken on the world.

After fifteen minutes of staring at the computer trying to figure out how the next paragraph should appear, Mom yelled out, “Come look at your dog.” There laid a pitiful site of the most abused, disturbed, and disrespected dog ever to pout in the world. I did what any good father would do in this moment of discontent. I snapped a picture to post on the internet for all to see.

A half-hour later, mom grabbed a cookie from the closet to make up to her baby, and the two headed off to her room. In turn, Ginger gave me the cold furry shoulder well into the afternoon for breaking her heart that morning.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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