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My Dog is a Karen – Sassy Mouth

Happy Friday Everyone,

Tuesdays begin with mom cleaning the house while I prepare the Bible study for small group. With everything pointing to guests coming that night Ginger feels the anxiety flow over her. This past week Mom prepares Swedish meatballs and allows them to simmer all afternoon. The aroma adds to the excitement to come.

When the little humans ranging from twenty to forty pounds come, we store Ginger in her sister’s room because she feels these little humans are just right for leaping upon and play fighting. Her muscular forty pounds easily bounce the kids all around. With word the children are not coming, Ginger is free to roam.

Dinner opens with Amy, Thea, and Toolmaker breaking bread with us as Ginger prances around feeling all attention should be on her. When acting pretty does not gain the respect she deserves, moans and groans of discontentment interrupt our conversation throughout the meal.

Around seven, we make our way to the living room to start the study. Again, little attention is paid to the diva in the room which comes with more moans of complaints. We have several prayer requests and then start with Romans 8:31-39. My questions regarding the passages bring out the meaning of each verse.

Verse 36 gets waylaid by a Prime truck backing into the neighbor’s drive and our resident karen explodes at the sight. I try chasing her away from the front window only for her to screech back to me, “ARRROOO-AROO.” Which translates into, “You can’t tell me what to do.”

Then mom speaks up, “Ginger just stop barking.”

The room goes quiet at the sound of “ooorrrooo,” half under her breath. We all knew what she said and the grossest demeanor behind it. Toolmaker smiles, “What did she just say?”

Thea’s shocked face, “Did she really say that.”

Mom’s face turns red with fire. “Oh, you better just calm your little self,” and our boisterous dog slinks away knowing she went one too many complaints.

About the picture: When you fancy your title as Queen Karen, Lord Protector of the House, Defender of the Neighborhood, Top Dog, Chief Cook, and Head Bottle Washer, you move your bed to the center of the room.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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