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My Dog is a Karen – One Day Please

Happy Friday Everyone,

Home is where dog hair sticks to everything but the dog!

This past week proved to be mostly quiet with a couple of karen moments. There were two that stood out in my mind. The first was last Sunday when I let her out for the umpteenth time in the afternoon. Where the sun filled the day in the morning, clouds crept across the sky just after lunch. Around three, the familiar sound of clang waffled through the house as Ginger decide ten minutes in the house was a sufficient respite from the joys of lingering outside.

Barely sat down again, when the hectic scratching came from her door. With a moan and a grumble of my own, I drew myself out of the recliner. Walking through the utility room to her door I heard complaints in a tone that would make a sailor blush. “I’m coming” trying to appease the karen within our dog.

Ginger barged through as the door opens. I spied several raindrops painting the stepping stones like abstract expressionist art. Still moaning about me leaving her outside during a monsoon Ginger groans dramatically at me.

At least twice a day, I found myself chasing after her to stop the tirade at the neighbor’s dog, some random truck, or unseen forces of evil in her mind. The front moved through during the evening with plenty of rain. Monday morning clouds gave way to afternoon sunshine albeit a bit cooler. Ginger sunned herself all afternoon in twenty minutes increments.

As the sun settled over the tree-lined western sky, she wanted out again. I marveled over the fact not once did she karen over something today. A whole day without screeching at some innocent soul for merely being within her eyesight. This lasted about three steps when “Aaarrrroooorrraaarrooo” muffled into the house. One fat old spin later, I opened her door to see her stretched to the furthest point of the leash howling at the two dogs, two doors down.

It was a quiet day for she did not bark at anything all day long from the inside or outside the house. Of course, in the mind of a karen, this could not happen. The prohibition on irrational howling brought on by the day had to stop. She found her self-righteous indignation just before the sun settled making it nearly impossible to achieve her dominance over the neighborhood.

Ginger, please give me one day without howling at the world.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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