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My Dog is a Karen – New Monster

Happy Friday Everyone,

Ginger fancies herself as the protector of the house. Throughout her ten years of living in our house, she frightened away many a threat against our well-being. These dangers included delivery vehicles of the brown, blue, and white varieties. Neighbor dogs and wild animals that wander aimlessly were a specific target of concern. Chipmunks playing gleefully as they ran across our porch deserved her undivided attention. There was once an evil robin possessing an extra sharp beak, killer claws, and red eyes straight out of a Steven King novel.

None of these past monsters compared to the one she scared off this past week. As I ran errands around the county, my wife called me as I headed home with just one more stop. Using the hands-free option of my car, I answered her question. As I cleared a hill, there was a blimp floating through the sky towards our house.

“Hey,” I shouted with excitement. “There is a blimp heading towards our house.”

After arriving home, Mom explained she heard the rumpling of the blimp passing overhead. She went to the deck and naturally, her personal protector forced her way out as well. As Mom marveled at the blue and yellow airship, Ginger catches sight of the great beast making its way to devour not just Mom but maybe the whole house.

A torrent of howls, yelps, and barks scared the enormous flying behemoth from attacking our humble abode. If it wasn’t for her fierce defense, the grand titan from the sky would have destroyed all she loved with a simple bellow from its non-existent mouth. As the monster left our skies, the deluge of ear-piercing screams slowed to a shower of grumbles, complaints, and words not suitable for this post. Arriving home a half hour later, our resident karen still strutted around the house as the grand protector of all who live in it.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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