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My Dog is a Karen – New Heights

Happy Friday Everyone,

So, I managed to get into a bit of hot water this week with my wife, which is hard to do given we have been married twenty-nine years. The Boss (my pet name for her) more than commented on my pants looking a little frayed and kindly suggested I buy new ones. The sun shined on Wednesday and the afternoon was free so I made a pilgrimage to the Outlet Mall.

My bride jumped at the chance to go shopping. My store of choice houses Lee and Wrangler, and it took five minutes to find the pants I like. It took another five minutes to pick out five pairs in my color and size. Then I went to checkout with my wife just getting warmed up for her shopping extravaganza. I reminded her I don’t shop, I buy.

As our dog, Ginger reaches ten years of age, her bones don’t move as easily as they did. In fact, she got downright sluggish compared to her spryness of youth. Add in her karen effect increasing with every passing day, and she has gotten quite lazy over the past year.

Many years ago, her mom started feeding a piece of banana to her every morning. I suppose it started by mistake, but today it is a benefit demanded by a dog that should have an asymmetrical haircut and large sunglasses. In recent weeks, Ginger waited until Mom cut the banana before coming downstairs. This morning Ginger reached a new height in being a karen by not coming down at all. Mom being the spoiler of four-legged creatures, took the banana slice up to her baby.

We all know once a karen gets her way one time, that means it is a habit for everyone else must follow. I suspect that Mom will take Ginger a banana slice each and every morning from this day forward or face the groans and moans of our household karen. If mom misses two days, the verbal grumbles of disdain will melt her heart.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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