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My Dog is a Karen – Never Ending Storm

Happy Friday Everyone,

The first storm crashed into our corner of the world around three in the afternoon. The darkness of the mid-day clouds brightens with flashes of lighting. Anywhere from two to eight seconds later, our house shutters from the vibration of the delayed thunder.

Our self-proclaimed Lord Protector of the House and Defender of the Neighborhood paces the house with jittery nervousness. With her ears pinned back against her skull and tail tucked far beneath her body, she seeks for a secure corner to rest. Every resting location shakes with the next clap of thunder and her search for peace resumes.

Several calming cookies and a kind word from Mom convince the shaking dog into her cave. Mom made the cave earlier this year as crawling under the bed at Ginger’s ten years of age proves deleterious to her body. The cave is a rejected cage with a large pillow base and several comforters blocking out all light and reducing the sounds of the storm. The cave has only minimal effect on the house shaking from the heavy bass of the rolling thunder.

Mom dumps an inch of rain from the gauge at five only for the next storm to roll through at seven. It is not too bad until a single flash starts at the front of the house wraps around and glares through the back windows. As the last of the light dissipates, the rattling rumble commences from the north, shakes through the house, and dwindles off to the south.

Mom settles into our bedroom with Ginger hiding in her cave sedated by calming cookies as every half hour another wave of lighting, thunder, and then heavy rain pangs against our house. As bedtime rolls around, a singular bright light turns night into day for just a brief moment. The immediate blast of thunder makes me jump in my recliner. Ginger sets off for a more secure location.

Wave after wave of thunderheads pass through the region every half hour with each bringing its own style of trouble to our dog. Mom gathers her back into her cave and lays on the floor securing Ginger with a warm body next to hers. Sometime after daybreak, the last of the massive tempest passes over us. Mom dumps more than two inches of rain in the gloomy morning air.

After writing the initial draft of this blog, another wave of storms passed by. Naturally, Ginger freaks out at what was minor thunder compared to the night before. As I pass the craft room, Mom wants me to see her latest project. The room lights up like every bulb blew at the same time. While the room is still lit like an old-fashioned flash camera, CRACK. The whole house jumped with excitement. Now Mom and I with the dog needed calming cookies.

About the picture: Our homemade cave of protection to shield Ginger from thunderous storms.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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