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My Dog is a Karen – Karen-O-Meter

Happy Friday Everyone,

This past week proved to be quite tiring living with a rejuvenated karen. As mentioned in a previous post our dog hit the ripe old age of ten. A month ago, we began a glucosamine regiment with her meals as suggested by her vet. It relieved the tender muscle and loosened the joints in her body. While it is good to see Ginger become spry again, it does create a nuisance when her karen-o-meter ticks off at the slightest whim.

Being a karen at heart, she is back to her old tricks. This includes waiting for me to become comfortable and then wanting out. Whether my recliner in the family room or she hears the clicking at the keyboard, she decides that is the perfect time to want out. Even though just the moment before I offered to let out while standing.

Yesterday, she went out ten times and I had to gather her from outside because she found something to karen over sometimes within seconds of being released into the yard. Each time the abuse of her being was met with a howl that could wake the dead. I waited until the last of the daylight was evaporating from the yard to let her out for the last pee-pee. She managed to stay out about ten minutes without finding anything to howl over.

This morning before sitting down to record this week’s karen drama, Ginger hit the trifecta of annoyances to her sensibilities. First was the neighbor walking Bentley, the kindly old dog who minds his business. Second, was the dog across the street who usually hides in the backyard. And finally, the Amazon delivery driver stopped by to the house across the street.

This pegged the karen-o-meter to 1000 out of a hundred and Ginger howled with a constant stream of language not suitable for this post. She bounced from east to north and back again before I could fit my feet into the slippers and retrieve her back inside.

This trifecta did not end with coming into the house. The horror raced her furry little butt up to the living room where she continued her howled rant out the front window. Which caused Mom to notice and came down to stop her. The mom stare was truly amazing because it stopped the karen in mid howl and she slunk away.

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I changed the title to Death to the Devil’s Dragon and started the final read through looking weird spacing left by the edits. I will format it for KDP and send out ARC for those who would like one. If you would like an Advance Reader Copy, please email me at:

God bless,

Danny Mac

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