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My Dog is a Karen – In Trouble Again

Happy Friday Everyone,

Well, Ginger played one of her old tricks today. It’s called Ding-Dong Ditch karen style. Ginger banged on her door to come in the house. I crawled out of my chair and lumbered to the door. With the squeal of the old hinges the door opened in time to see her run away from the house to check something else to do. “Really,” I exacerbated.

In return, Ginger gave me the “pity the fool,” look to her peon peasant serving her every need.

I received the cold furry shoulder on Tuesday and it was not my fault. Mom and sister took to gardening just after lunch. Mom refused to let Ginger onto the porch because the faux wood deck became excessively hot in the high summer sun and it gets too hot for her tender little paws. Ginger stood at the screen moaning her complaints to me working on book number six.

It started as a soft grumble then intensified into loud groans of displeasure. “Mom said no,” was my objection, which was met by a side-eye curse as if to call me lazy and worthless. Then long sorrowful moans from the pain of being locked inside with grumpy old dad. Her cries of loneliness went unheard by the women working in the garden as the pitiful whimpers affected my writing.

“I can let you out on your leash,” I encouraged her in that direction. However, our resident karen had her heart set on the deck and any alternative was an insult to her and her self-appointed status in the house. The rest of the day I asked, “How are you doing,” or “Do you want a butt scratching?” It was met with her walking away still complaining of me not letting her out to supervise from the vantage point of the deck.

At bedtime, “Goodnight Ginger,” in an attempt to make up with her is met with, “mmmrrrrnnnn” in a low slow tone showing no forgiveness.

So when my sixth book comes out, don’t be surprised that chapter twenty seems darker than the rest of my writing since I endured grunts of disparagement at me, my writing, and my lowly status beneath Queen Ginger.

I finished reviewing the edits on Sunday and sent book 5, The Devil’s Dragon, back to the editor to find the last of those pesky grammar errors. It is due back in early June and then comes the process of designing a cover.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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