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My Dog is a Karen – Ginger’s Revenge

Hello everyone,

For nearly nine years desperados drove past and stopped in front of our house in their blue, brown, and white trucks. I never saw them do it, but it might be they sneered at Ginger making her go karen at their actions. Perhaps, it was the fact they did not acknowledge her existence that provoked the karen from deep inside her heart. Whatever the case, she did not like it when Amazon, UPS, and FedEx stopped in our neighborhood.

The other afternoon, Ginger banged her bell to go outside. There was no sign of urgency in her wanting out and being a nice day, it was a regular occurrence. The leash connected to her collar without any whines and whistles of impending panic. The door opened and I released the leash to see a white truck of FedEx backed into the neighbor's drive.

Ginger stalked out with her head low to the ground until the leash stretched tight. Meanwhile, I slid into my slippers knowing the outburst to come. The unsuspecting driver with a small package cleared the back of the truck heading to the front door. “ARRRROOORRRROOOO!” screamed from Ginger’s gut in a bloodcurdling karen shriek. The poor driver jumped and grabbed for his heart upon hearing the ear-piercing karen explosion. From his sigh of relief to see me fetching the screeching harpy, it was not his first encounter with a karen. Ginger reentered the house with the smirk and chuckle of Smedley.

(For those of you younger than me, search Smedley Laugh on YouTube.)

I recently completed chapter sixteen in my latest WIP. With this continuation of the Flying People Series of urban fantasies, I have another five or six chapters to finish the plot of this story. The flying heroes meet old nemesis with greater powers as well as some new monsters bringing the threat of death to them. After completing the initial story, it produces six months to a year of corrections and modifications before sending it to the editor.

The Devil’s Dragon lies in the hands of my editor since the beginning of February and she wants another week to complete the corrections. Reviewing the final version, writing the blurb, and making the cover takes a couple of months before it is ready for publication. I am looking for a May release at this time. This storyline introduces several new flying characters as omens point to the deadly dragon from hell coming back into our world today.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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