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My Dog is a Karen – Ginger’s Rebuttal

Happy Friday Everyone,

Well, it happened again. Someone, probably Mom, read last week’s blog to Ginger which sent a torrent of karen rants throughout our happy home all day Friday well into this new week. She made up to me only after I promised her to tell her story today. Her account:

Dad makes me sound like a whimpering lap puppy instead of the great protector of my family. He over-exaggerated my slight concern over the welfare of our home during a nightlong tempest of Biblical proportions almost razing our home. He does this because he lost what good sense God gave him. He can’t remember my name most of the time. He calls me Furry Butt, Furry Face, Floppy Ears, and most recently Old Gray Beard like his chin doesn’t stand like a beacon on a moonless night. The strangest comment is when he let me in my door, he said, “Sit Ubu, sit.” I don’t even know what that means.

The other day while monitoring the house from the comfort of my newest bed, the malicious dog from next door barked perking my ears to the danger. I run for the door to safeguard our abode from this hideous beast and Dad lets me out. He stands in the doorway shouting, “Don’t you bark or you’re coming back in.”

I spot the dog gazing into our yard determining his best options of attack when he stuck his tongue at me. I felt the hair on my back rise and the tiniest of ruff slipped from my mouth when I heard, “Ginger, don’t do it!” from a crossed-eyed old man. Of course, he remembered my name at that moment.

Then the dog of the most evil mindset turns away and I know this is a diversion before he charges us. I let out a small warning yelp and Dad marches into the yard, grabs my lead, and forces me back into the house. I did not like this one bit and from his gray-bearded mouth, “Quit your grumbling!” sharply pierces my ears.

To top everything, even after a multitude of fans telling him not to, he keeps breaking my cookies in half. Please, for the health and happiness of a poor old dog, won’t you tell him to stop breaking treats and give me a whole one?

About the picture: Ginger’s normal vigilance against intruders entering our house.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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