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My Dog is a Karen – Ginger’s Rebuttal

Happy Friday Everyone,

I spent this past week dealing with a cold furry shoulder. Mom achieved her craft room last month and Ginger spends most of her day there. I think Mom read last week’s blog to Ginger about her response to not making the garden run with Mom. Now she shows contempt for my writing. In an effort to appease our four-leg karen, here is her view of the events surrounding last week’s blog in her words.

Dad’s view over my concern about Mom wandering around the yard without my escort is from his naive perspective of a senile old man. Here is the true story of unfortunate circumstances leading to Dad’s disgusting portrait of me being less than the perfect guard dog.

While deliberating the many variables of securing our home, I close my eyes for just a moment for some deep calculations and Mom, being the mischievous dependent, sneaks out of the house. I try to warn her of the many deathtraps through the closed patio door overlooking the backyard, including:

A groundhog of dubious ethics and razor-sharp teeth that roams the backyard. Several deer with spear-like hooves and a mean disposition prowl the neighborhood. And an eagle with a beak to breaks bones and claws for killing a cow fly overhead. The most treacherous is the male dog next door who pretends to be mild-mannered when only I can tell he is a fiend with a heart of a killer.

Dad with the awareness of Melba toast, laughs and calls me a momma’s dog while she is walking through the valley of evil. He treats me like a baby and not the director of security that has been thrust upon me from birth. You see, I can spot the perils that threaten my sweet innocent mother as she puts herself into jeopardy by venturing all alone into the garden. These people in my house have no clue to the hazards that lurk outside the walls that protect us and without my ever-diligent protection, they would die in the most gruesome manner.

For all my hard work keeping my family safe, Dad is still breaking my cookies in half!

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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