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My Dog is a Karen – Ginger’s Rant

Happy Friday Everyone,

Our dog of ten years old has begun to show her age. This sweet overly energetic pup has had the years piled on top of each other, and now her nature now exudes grumpy, entitled, and demanding. With this in mind, I agreed to write her karen complaints for you in the June issue, her story:

Confusion has taken over the old man called Dad. This past week he asked me, “Who put the bee in your bonnet?”

First of all, I don’t wear a bonnet. I sport a fashionable bandana to bring out the natural beauty of my red coat of royalty and superiority. He is so dumb; he can’t tell the difference between a bonnet and a bandana. Then he totally forgot in his ancient age that I eat bees for a snack. Where flies make good raisins, bees make an excellent spicy snack with a sting to it.

His biggest omission in common sense occurred last week when Mom was out weeding. Naturally, I helped her by offering a helping paw and chasing the bees away. Mom said there were no bees but that only shows how good of a dog I am.

My biggest reason for insisting upon helping wasn’t my glorious supervision ability, but my eye for danger in the neighborhood. Being the ultimate watchdog, I kept a vigil for any dangers entering our surroundings. All was quiet until the most malicious of evils beeped into the neighbor's drive in the form of a large brown truck.

Any guard dog worth their salt knows these trucks are the worse bringing unknown boxes of revolting disgust known to the dog world. I give a warning bark to scare the intruder away and the truck stopped backing up. Another howl of my fierce aggression to protect my mother, and dad exits the house to force me against my will back into the house. This pitiful, unassuming, and ignorant excuse for a man has the nerve to yell at me for doing his job of protecting my family from the unspecified horrors of the brown truck.

Subscribe for alerts at my website and receive notices of my blogs, book updates, and other happenings. I received chapters 1 -11 from the editor this week and tweaked the corrections for The Devil’s Dragon due for publishing this summer. I am expecting the rest of the story sometime this week.

Additional note: some hours after writing the first draft for this week, we took Ginger to the vet for a swollen face. Apparently, one of her spicy snacks really did sting her back. She was okay Thursday evening as I went through a second time.

God bless,

Danny Mac

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