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My Dog is a Karen – Ginger’s Dilemma

Happy Friday Everyone,

This spring brings a very promising future for our dog Ginger, the family karen. New neighbors moved in last December. Where the old neighbors spent only limited time outside our new neighbors are frequently enjoying their yard, especially since warm temperatures sprang forth. They offer a multitude of opportunities for Ginger to go all karen on them every day.

On Sunday, she spotted the dogs down the street from our bedroom window. With great anticipation, she rings the bell to exit the house. Even before leaving the house her hair starts rising on her back. I, not born yesterday, know to stay in the doorway and watch her.

Her leash stretches to the most southeastern point where she can see around a partial fence and from there the two dogs playing spiritedly capture her attention. However, the realization of me watching her from the door disturbs her karen rant.

She stares down at the dogs and then looks back at me. “Don’t do it,” comes sternly from the door. Another irritated glower at her despised foes with her hair rising again and then back to me standing humorlessly in the doorway. A good look at me tells her not to bark or her trips outside ends abruptly.

Seeing me not moving yet, she glares down two houses for the update on her antagonists as her tail quivers in expectation of a fuming torrent of barking and howling. But wait, jerking her head back to see me unwavering at the door to halt her at the first yelp, she must wait for the proper moment in time. The anxiety of waiting impatiently causes her paws to dance in the freshly mowed grass as she peers one more time down the road.

She contains dancing and quivering until the engine from hell interrupts the moment as the neighbor slows to pull into her driveway. Ginger could hold her tongue for two dogs playing, but adding the neighbor having the audacity to arrive home at the same time, put her over the edge, “Aaaaarrrrrrrroooooo,” bursts forth like the levies giving away after a storm.

I strut out, grab her leash, and lead her back into the house. Of course, she stops three feet out, turns, and in one last karen word, “ARF,” in defiance of the intruding neighbor.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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