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My Dog is a Karen – Following Mom

Happy Friday Everyone,

Dogs and young children share much in common in their behavior. They follow their mother around the house even to the bathroom. When mom leaves for any amount of time without them, it is a life-altering situation that leaves the father perplexed as to their needs.

My wife goes out to check on the garden every morning. Then, she stops to fill the bird feeders. Upon entering the house, she tells me how the garden is growing and all the different birds visiting or upsetting the feeders.

Most mornings Ginger jumps up when mom does to follow her out to the porch. However, Tuesday morning proved to be a lazy day and mom escaped out the sliding door without her four-leg-child tracking her. Ginger being ten years old continued to sleep in her bed until hearing the glass door slide shut with the usual thump.

The pitter-patter of little paws scampers down the step and carry Ginger to the back door only to see Mom hiking across the back yard to the garden. The karen in our dog springs to life with whines and cries of not being included even though it was her fault for not rising when mom did.

As I try to review the study guide for Romans 8, she comes to me with her complaints about Mom’s omission. She even nudges my arm as if I didn’t hear her. At this moment all she was missing was the asymmetric haircut and oversized sunglasses as she continues to moan out her displeasure at not being on the deck.

A quick look back shows mom heading back to the house and her moans turn to squeals of excitement of her mother coming back for her. She got her way, or did she? Mom slips out of view around the garage and Ginger races to the front windows. More whining ensues as she cannot see Mom.

She rages to the back door to watch Mom filling the feeders. Finally, Ginger gets the bright idea to go outside with Mom and runs downstairs to bang her bell. By the time I get my old bones up and lumber down the steps, Mom readies to enter the house. As Ginger’s door closes, I hear the back door close. Oh, the dirty looks I received when she came back in like it was all my fault she arrived late, again reminded me of a small child not getting her way.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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