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My Dog is a Karen – Dog on the Edge

Hello everyone,

The Christmas season started on Thanksgiving when Santa waved his way down the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. This past week brought us Thanksgiving with preparations beginning the day before. The weekend of people visiting the house sparked more emotion. The new neighbors parked an unknown car in their drive preparing their new home for move-in. They called a man to rekey the house with his strange little truck. Tuesday saw Small Group meet for dinner and Bible study.

Beyond all that, mom’s Christmas gifts bought online began flowing to the house via common delivery companies. All the hubbub of the past week put Ginger on the edge of meltdowns and tripped her Karen switch often. Before life can relieve her past complaints, another trigger activated her howls in outrage over something not right in her world. She spent the past couple of days at the front window for hours on end muttering to herself, “Amazon, FedEx, and UPS, oh my,” like the Scarecrow, Tinman, and Dorothy singing down the yellow brick road.

The delivery trucks are scheduled for the next week or so. Until all the gifts for Christmas have arrived, Mom often checks the front porch which sets Ginger on alert for another blue, white, or brown truck menacing our driveway again. Eventually, our resident Karen spies the truck backing into our drive and only evil wanting to make a quick escape does that. Then Black Bart places a malicious box in front of our door with unknown horrors in it. (They are all Black Bart according to Ginger.) Even the warning signs on the box like “Amazon” clues her to the unnatural danger within and no manager possesses enough authority to calm her down.

Any movement in the house or any noise outside the house jumps her out of the lightest slumber her anxiety may provide. She prances through the house with one paw on the Karen button looking to go off on anything out of place. Several times she races out her door expecting to let out a torrent of furry only to find nothing. Monday afternoon finds her growling and howling at the goats across the street that she sees every day. We suspect they disrespected her in some way. Our best guess is they stuck their tongues at her in a sassy manner.

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Merry Christmas and God bless,

Danny Mac

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