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My Dog is a Karen – Dad-joke Mishap

Happy Friday Everyone,

This past Wednesday, the sun broke out from a week of cloudy skies. The radiant warmth brought Mom out of her cocoon to weed the garden and prepare it for Mother’s Day flowers. With mom spending most of the day enjoying the spring sunshine, it made Ginger jealous and needy for her mom.

After a half hour of hearing the whines of complaints about being so lonely as Mom disappeared around the corner, I let Ginger out to be with Mom. I get an hour of uninterrupted writing completing my new epilog and a second review of the introduction and first chapter.

The bustle of lunch sees me leaving the writing to join in the tussle. Naturally, Ginger waits impatiently for anything to fall onto the floor and manages to get underfoot of everyone’s mealtime prep.

Listening to Reddit stories and finishing my lunch, a groan of contentment wafts through the house as Ginger settles into her bed for a much-needed afternoon nap. A few snores later, which Ginger denies coming from her, Mom and her two-leg sister exit to the backyard to work on the vegetable garden. A karen-like bang of the bell roars to me to let her out again.

Ginger catches only a few more Zs before I start preparing supper. Ginger earnestly believes this task cannot be accomplished without her authority and marches into the kitchen as the official supervisor. After dinner and cleaning up, I find myself passing through the bedroom to the bathroom. “Ginger is wore out,” comes matter-of-factly from my wife.

“Who wore the dog out,” sang out of my mouth to a nineties tune with a similar statement followed by a “Woof, woof.” My wife rolled her eyes as Ginger let out the most annoyed karen groan to date. Apparently, she didn’t like her rest disturbed by childish wit.

To be fair, it was a corny dad-joke created for the moment and my singing lacks any training or ability, but it wasn’t groan-worthy, was it?

I finished in the bathroom and left the way I came in past a soundly sleeping dog with just enough energy to groan one more moan of disgust at my attempted humor in her karen tone of disgust and disturbance.

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God bless,

Danny Mac

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